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It  is a prior city in Madhya Pradesh state, India. It is situated on the north bank of the Tapti River, 340 kilometres southwest of Bhopal and 540 kilometres northeast of Mumbai.. Burhanpur is an amazing place in the chronicles of medieval Indian Architecture. Burhanpur was founded in 1400 AD by the Faruqi King, Nasir Khan, on the northwestern banks of the Tapti. Asirgarh Fort, on the outer edge of the town, was known as Dakkhan ka Darwaza or the Gateway of the Deccan. Burhanpur remains a city of great architectural significance; it gains more attraction from Bohra Muslims pilgrimage.
Mumtaz mahal, the most beloved wife of Shah Jahan  was died and buried in Burhanpur in 1631 while giving birth to their 14th child. The queen's body rested here for several months until it was exhumed and travelled with the Mughal court to Agra to bury at Taj Mahal.